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Dental fluorosis photos - graphic examples of fluoride poisoning and over-dose

Dental fluorosis in teeth is a reflection of what's happening in our bones and is the first visible sign of fluoride poisoning

Picture of fluorosed teeth
The Public Health Authority's "recommended" daily fluoride dose was responsible for this. No effort was made to determine other fluoride intake found in formula, juices, toothpaste, naturally in water, etc. before supplements were prescribed.

Fig.3. Examples of dental fluorosis in 8- and 9-year old children
who grew up in fluoridated Auckland, New Zealand (back to
Why I changed my mind about water fluoridation).
Dental fluorosis picture Dental fluorosis picture

Even with mild fluorosis, enamel is subject to increased erosion and
attrition because the structural integrity of enamel is compromised.
As enamel breaks away, small pits are become visible
Dental fluorosis picture